SAP GRC Access Control 10 Business Blueprint

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SAP GRC Access Control 10 Business Blueprint

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You define a Business Blueprint after you have created your project. The Business Blueprint is the prerequisite for the realization phase, in which you configure and test your business processes

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
1    Document Review and Approval
2    Introduction
3    Management / Executive Summary
4    System Architecture Design
4.1   Solution Architecture
4.1.1    Component Architecture
4.2   Hardware & Software Requirements
4.3   GRC – ECC System Landscape and Other Considerations
4.4   Transport Strategy
4.5   SAP GRC AC Security and Authorizations
4.6   Integration into Single Sign-On Environment
4.7   Archiving
4.8   Background Jobs
4.9   AC10 Disaster Recovery
5    AS-IS Access Provisioning, SOD Analysis, Emergency Access
5.1   Overview  
5.2   Access Request Process Using AAR  
5.2.1    The AAR workflow process
5.3   Quarterly SOD Review process
5.3.1    Quarterly SOD Review Process Flow:
5.4   Emergency/Sensitive Access
6    TO-BE Access Provisioning, SOD Analysis, Emergency Access
6.1   Overview  
6.2   Access Request Process
6.2.1    Add Account
6.2.2    Deactivate Account
6.2.3    Account changes (role add/remove)
6.2.4    Access Request Approvals
6.2.5    To-Be Access Request process flow:
6.3   Quarterly SOD Review process
6.3.1    To-Be SOD Review Process steps
6.3.2    To-Be SOD Review Process workflow  
6.4   Add and Maintain Mitigating Control
6.5   Emergency/Sensitive Access
6.5.1    The to-be Emergency Access FF workflow process:
7    Other Requirements and Considerations
7.1   AC10 Alerts
7.2   CC4 to AC10 Mitigation and SOD Delta


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