SAP FICO Configuration Package

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SAP FICO Configuration Package

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Include All Sub-Modules in FICO What you get in the SAP FICO configuration Package? SAP FI GL -Company code configuration which includes creating chart of accounts,creating posting period variant, defining retained earnings account,creating document types. Define tolerance groups for employees -Configuration for Maximum exchange rate differences -Configuring parallel currencies -Configuration for automatic clearing -Configuration for foreign currency valuation -Configuration for regrouping of GR/IR clearing -Creating financial statement version i.e. defining balance sheet and profit and loss account -Integration - SAP FI- MM automatic account assignment, FI- SD automatic account assignment SAP AR & AP & Bank Accounting -Configuring account groups for Customers and Vendors, defining screen layout per activity for customers and vendors -Deleting customer data -Configuring payment terms -Automatic account assignment for various AR & AP transactions like bank charges, overpayments/underpayments, exchange rate difference, rounding differences -Configuring payment block reasons -Configuring automatic payment program -Includes House bank configuration -Configuring the manual bank reconciliation and the electronic bank reconciliation -Configuration for dunning -Configuration for special G/L transactions like down payment made, down payment received -Configuration for regrouping according to maturity SAP Asset Accounting -Creating/Copying Depreciaton Areas- Assignment to company Code, Input Tax Indicator Configuration , Screen Layout Rules -Specify Account Determination Rules - Define Asset Classes, Number Ranges, Critical Check Boxes Notification -Integration of Asset Accounting with General Ledger, Defining Posting Rules to Cost Center, Specifiy Financial Statement Versions for Asset Accounting -Complex Depreciation Calculation Procedures- Setting up of Depreciation Areas,depreciation key, Define Cut off Value key -Defining the crucial Base Methods, Declining Balance Methods, Multilevel Methods,Maintaining Period Controls SAP Cost Center Accounting -Maintaining controlling area settings, which includes defining modules which are active i.e. profit center, profitability analysis, internal orders. Assigning company code to controlling area. -Multiple valuation approaches/transfer prices - maintaining currency and valuation profile assigning it to controlling area, creating actual versions for parallel valuations -Cost element accounting - creation of various types of cost elements -Settings for Reconciliation Ledger which includes defining adjustments accounts for reconciliation postings -Creating cost center hierarchy, cost center, cost center groups, activity types, statistical key figures -Creating planning layouts for cost center planning -Configuring various allocation cycles - Distribution, assessment, indirect activity allocation. Configuring the splitting structure -Configuring automatic account assignment table. SAP Product Costing & Material Ledger Configuration -Product Cost Planning- Detailed configuration of overhead keys,costing sheets, overhead groups and Complete Cost Component Structure -Material Cost Estimates - In depth configuration and analysis of the Costing Variants including Valuation variant,Transfer Strategy and Costing Types -Special Features of Cross Company Costing -Complete Cost Object Controlling Configuration across various industries including Repetitive Manufacturing -Complete Integration with Production Planning on Default Order types, parameter checks -Work in Progress Configuration- Calculation of Results Analysis keys, Valuation Method and Assignments. -Detailed Variance Calculation configuration and setting up of Variance keys -Setting up the Settlement Profile, Allocation and Source Structure including the complex PA Transfer Structure -Detailed configuration for Sales Order Costing - Make To Order(An absolute steal) -Detailed configuration for Make to Stock ( An absolute steal) -Detailed configuration of Material Ledger ( A real value add) SAP Profit Center -Maintaining profit center settings, creating dummy profit center, making settings for actual flow of data. -Maintaining profit center hierarchy, creating profit center -Maintaining settings for transfer prices -Maintaining planning layout for profit center planning -Configuring allocation cycles - Distribution, assessment -Maintaining automatic account assignment of revenue elements -Maintaining the additional balance sheet and profit and loss accounts (3KEH) SAP Profitability Analysis -Configuring the operating concern which includes maintain characteristics, maintain value fields. Copying customizing from an existing operating concern -Maintaining user defined characteristics, maintaining characteristics hierarchy -Define Characteristics derivation -Configuring valuation strategies. Valuation using standard cost estimate -Configuring condition tables and costing sheets -Manual planning, automatic planning, integrated planning -Configuring the value flow from SD to COPA, configuring the value flow from FI, MM to COPA -Configuring assessment cycle for value flow from CO to COPA -Configuring settlement of production variances to COPA -Configuring Profitability reports for COPA SAP FICO End User Training Documents These User Training Documents cover the entire Master Data, Day to Day Transactions and the Month End and Period End Closing Activities for each of the SAP FI-CO Sub Modules laid out above. They come with Step by Step with SAP screen shots& compliment the SAP FICO Configuration Material . Power Point Presentations FULL SET OF CONFIGURATION DOCS ENTIRE USER RELATED TRANSACTIONS IMPRESSIVE POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS SAP FICO INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Resume Builder REPORT PAINTER CONFIGURATION LSMW Shipping Shipping is free IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD AFTER PAYMENT .Receive a direct download link in your email in 1 - 3 minutes. [Do NOT forget to check the junk or Spam mails of your email box]

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