R12 Oracle HRMS Total Compensation Foundations

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R12 Oracle HRMS Total Compensation Foundations

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Now you can study at home by your self and get certified. Oracle Curriculum These set teach you everything you need to know to become an Oracle R12 Certified Professional. The tests are based directly from the information from these books R12 HRMS Total Compensation Foundations Ed 1 What you will learn: This course provides a thorough introduction to the Total Compensation Framework—the core set of Oracle HRMS features used to set up your compensation and benefits offerings. As a prerequisite, take this course before you implement Standard or Advanced Benefits, Compensation Workbench, Individual Compensation Distribution, Absence Management, or Grade/Step Progression. You learn to define elements to store compensation and benefits data and to manage and validate elements in sets using Batch Element Entry (BEE). Other topics show you how to define a hierarchy of compensation objects and to control eligibility and price tags for those objects. Lastly, you learn to use System Extract to manage third-party reporting. Note that this course applies equally to HRMS R12 and 11i users. Learn to: Understand the HRMS Total Compensation model Create system extracts Define and manage elements Course Objectives: Use the Total Compensation Framework to manage compensation and benefits for your enterprise Define elements to store compensation and benefits data Enter elements in batch Control eligibility through participant eligibility profiles Calculate derived factors, such as age or length of service, for use in participant eligibility profiles Structure your compensation and benefits offerings in Oracle HRMS Define compensation objects: programs, plan types, plans, and options Link participant eligibility profiles to compensation objects Define standard activity rates to calculate earnings and deductions and absence accruals Attach elements to standard rates Vary a standard activity rate by defining a variable rate Define the data elements and layout of a system extract Process a system extract Course Topics: Introduction to Compensation and Benefits Total Compensation Framework Introduction to Benefits Management Introduction to Compensation Management Total Compensation Elements Introducing Elements Defining Elements Controlling Eligibility and Costing for Elements Planning Methods of Entry Using Batch Element Entry Participant Eligibility Introducing Eligibility Defining Derived Eligibility Factors Defining Participant Eligibility Profiles Compensation Objects Introducing the Compensation Object Hierarchy Defining Plan Types and Options Defining Plans and Programs Running Plan Design Copy Standard and Variable Rates Defining Standard Contributions and Distributions Defining Variable Rate Profiles System Extract Defining a System Extract: Overview and Layout Definition Defining System Extract Criteria Running a System Extract Using HR/Payroll Extracts Shipping Shipping is free IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD AFTER PAYMENT .Receive a direct download link in your email in 1 - 3 minutes. [Do NOT forget to check the junk or Spam mails of your email box]

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