Installed Oracle SIEBEL CRM 8.1 for LAPTOPS or DESKTOPS External Hard drive

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Installed Oracle SIEBEL CRM 8.1 for LAPTOPS or DESKTOPS External Hard drive

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Practice Siebel anywhere to become a consultant
Easy to plug into and run Siebel and carry anywhere you want.


Siebel Tools 8.1
Siebel Call Center
Siebel Core reference application
Siebel employee Relationship Management
Seibel employee Relationship Management Administration
Siebel Marketing
Siebel Partner Manager
Siebel Sales
Siebel Service

Runs on 64bit OS

Host System Minimum Requirements:
the following configuration will be required on your machine:
Minimum RAM of 3 GB (4 GB recommended)
Also, Any operating system which supports VMware 2.0- Windows XP,Vista ,linux ... are in support list

Does my processor support Intel® Virtualization Technology?
If you don't know your processor number or family, you can download and install the Intel® Processor Identification Utility at this site: (Copy and paste to your browser)
If you already have a modern Laptop/Desktop PC with a good specification (3GB or more RAM), then you can utilise our external Hard drive with a full Oracle SEIBEL Applications Install.
We have done all the hardwork for you!!!
If you are an independent consultant, contractor, a company that wants to evaluate Oracle Siebel or simply curious to learn about Siebel This package is for you!!!

Money back guarantee is provided if this hard Drive does not work for you.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER : This package is for educational and testing purpose. Please, get/buy your license from Oracle if you want to use it for production


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