Establishing the ATG Content Administration Environment Rel 10

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Establishing the ATG Content Administration Environment Rel 10

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Course Description

This course teaches students how to establish a Content Administration server for an application, set up versionedSQL repositories, and manage repository and file-based assets. You will learn how to create and customize ATGContent Administration, where content providers and managers can manage application and web site assets. Topicsinclude editing workflows, importing file and repository assets, and configuring preview servers. You will also learn how to deploy new or changed assets to the staging and production environments.This course uses the ATG Commerce Reference Store as a basis for demos and labs.Learn To: Version file assetsEdit workflowsConfigure deployment to target environmentsConfigure preview serversEstablish the Content Administration environment Version repositoriesA Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any time. Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form. Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.

Course Objectives

    Manage scenarios, targeters, slots, content groups, profile groups, and file assets through ATG Content Administration
    Configure a preview server
    Deploy new and changed assets to the staging and production environments
    Install and set up a Content Administration server
    Install and set up ATG Merchandising for managing Commerce assets
    Convert existing ATG repositories to versioned repositories

Course Content

        Overview of ATG Content Administration (CA)
        Content Administration architecture
        Key concepts: Project, Workflow, Check-in, Deployment
    Setting Up a Basic Content Administration Server
        Configuring meta-data repositories
        Configuring application modules on a CA Server
        Setting CA security access
        Configuring ATG Merchandising
    Configuring Versioned Repositories
        Modifying non-versioned repositories
        Configuring versioned repository components
        Version manager service
        Creating versioned tables
        Exporting data from non-versioned repositories
        Importing data to versioned repositories
        Viewing repository assets
    Initializing the Target Environments
        Configuring the deployment topology
        Accessing the deployment administration
        Creating a target site
        Adding agents to as target si
        Initializing target sites
    Creating and Editing Workflows
        Asset lifecycle
        Default workflow
        Editing workflows
        Programmatically importing and deploying assets
    Managing File Assets
        File assets
        Versioned file assets architecture
        Importing existing files using the repository loader
        Managing non-ATG file assets
        Managing ATG Personalization file assets
    Managing Deployment
        How deployment works
        Deployment modes
        Configuring repositories for deployment
        Deploying file as
        Managing deployment in the Business Control Center (BCC)
        Deployment troubleshooting
    Viewing Changes Before Production Deployment
        Staging deployment
        One-off deployment targets
        Preview server


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