AC040 - Business Processes in Management Accounting

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AC040 - Business Processes in Management Accounting

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Outline business concepts and methods involved in Management Accounting in the SAP system
Perform Planning and outline Integrated Planning in Management Accounting
Perform daily Postings in Management Accounting and make use of Integration Aspects of the Accounting Logic
Carry out Period End Closing in Overhead Management Accounting and Product Cost Controlling

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SAP ERP 6.0 with Enhancement Package 7


Management Accounting Overview
Comparing Financial Accounting and Management Accounting
Defining Specific Tasks of Management Accounting Components
Organizational Units and Master Data in Management Accounting
Identifying Organizational Units Used in Management Accounting
Maintaining Master Data in Overhead Management Accounting
Maintaining Additional Master Data in Overhead Management Accounting
Analytics in Management Accounting
Analyzing Financial Values in Management Accounting
Using Report Painter Reports
Using the SAP List Viewer
Using Drilldown Reports
Planning in Management Accounting
Identifying Planning and Cost Allocation Methods
Identifying Planning Options in Overhead Management Accounting
Optimizing Planning in Overhead Management Accounting
Integrated Planning Process in Management Accounting
Integrating Sales Planning with Overhead Management Planning
Integrating Overhead Management Planning with Business Plans
Identifying the Integrated Planning Cycle for Service Industries
Identifying the Integrated Planning for Profit Center Accounting
Integrating Activity-Based Costing
Characteristics of Accounting Logic Integration
Identifying Postings from Other Applications
Posting from Financial Accounting and SAP HCM
Creating Postings from Material Management
Posting to Statistical Orders and Real Orders
Daily Postings in Management Accounting
Posting Actual Costs in Overhead Management Accounting
Budgeting Projects and Using Execution Services
Analyzing Cost Object Controlling Scenarios
Creating and Analyzing Postings in a Make-to-Stock Environment
Creating and Analyzing Postings for Selling Make-to-Stock Goods
Creating and Analyzing Postings for Selling Services
Period-End Closing Aspects of Management Accounting
Performing Period-End Closing for Overhead Cost Controlling
Performing Periodic Cost Allocations to Product Cost Controlling
Performing Final Costing for Product Cost Controlling
Managing Profit Analysis in Management Accounting

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